Information Sourcing

We have established a sound network of contacts across Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) during the past ten years and continue to build this network to enhance and confirm the reliability of the information we provide. We attempt to get as many as possible sources in each country. We further endeavour to get sources in both the buying and selling side of the market to improve reliability. Our contacts include traders, importers/exporters, larger farmers, millers, oil seed crushers, co-ops, seed and fertilizer distributors, etc.

Services We Provide

    Weekly Fundamental Soft Commodity Report
  • A Weekly Fundamental Report on a subscription basis. This report covers the high volume produced commodities and provides price indications, relevant import and export parity prices, supply and demand indications, recent developments, (including politics), that could impact on the commodity industry, trade flows, imports, exports, etc.
  • Weekly Fundamental Soft Commodity Report Example

    Weekly Price Discovery Service
  • This service provides commodity price indications in countries where no effective formal pricing platform exists. In short, it is a risk management tool that assists our clients to minimize price risk.
  • We also utilize import and export parity calculations to verify prices. This report is mainly used by trade finance divisions of banks and investment funds.
  • Price Discovery Report Example